Créditos: Antonio Tajuelo

Colega Madrid, the LGBT collective of Madrid, applies to rename the public parking lot located at the plaza de Pedro Zerolo, which is currently called “Vázquez de Mella,” for the deceased LGBT activist and socialist Pedro Zerolo. This act will support the initiatives of Madrid’s Partido Socialista.

Pedro Zerolo was, is and will remain one of the greatest LGBT rights activists in Spain. Unfortunately, Zerolo passed away from cancer two years ago. Here at Colega Madrid we have always felt affection, respect and admiration for him; he has been a reference point for us.

It is with pride that Colega Madrid has consistently supported initiatives that remember and honor the memory of our dear friend. One such initiative occurred last May when the name of an iconic plaza in Chueca was renamed so that the citizens of Madrid would remember Zerolo.

And now, we believe that the moment has come to rename the “Vázquez de Mella” parking lot. This action will mark the completion of this homage that reminds us not only of Pedro Zerolo, but also of the struggle shared by everyone who works daily to advance and assert the rights of the LGBT collective.

“For these reasons, we have asked the Ayuntamiento de Madrid to make this necessary change,” says Samir Bargachi, president of Colega, “and we give our full support to this brilliant initiative that the Partido Socialista de Madrid has put forward. In the same way, we hope that the Pleno will approve this motion with the unanimity that a politician like Zerolo deserves,” concludes Bargachi.

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News Colega applies to rename the parking lot at the plaza Pedro Zerolo