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Who we are?

Colega Madrid is an organization that fights for the equality of LGBT folks in Madrid. Our principal objective is to promote respect for diversity so that individuals may freely express their sexuality and gender identities. You can know more about our work here.

Here at Colega Madrid, we have two European Voluntary Service (EVS) vacancies waiting fo you, to participate in an EVS project from September 2017 to July 2018.

If you would be selected, you will work, 6 hours per day, 5 days a week, in our headquarters in Madrid and Getafe.

The tasks you will have to develop would be something like these:

  • Creation and realization of workshops and materials for our public, focused on diversity, interculturality, sexual orientation and other issues that may directly affect them.
  • Support our information sessions on the programs in which Colega Madrid participates.
  • Helping disseminate the activities carried out in the organization, as well that the activities hosted under the Erasmus + program. This means: socialize and publicize, via media, yours and our work.
  • Collaborate in the creation and development of information and leisure activities for our public.
  • Attend, if you wish, to conferences, workshops and other formative events that may be of interest to your education and training.
  • Support our daily work.
  • And, of course, any other idea you want to propose us. We will analyze it and, whenever possible, you may carry it out.

The volunteers ideally should meet the following profile:

  • Between 23-30 years old.
  • With previous training and/or experience in the social field: psychology, social work, healthcare, education…
  • Interested to fight against discriminations based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, origin…
  • Interested in situations of the vulnerability experienced by one or more of the groups targeted by the project.
  • Willing to work in unusual situations, to leave his comfort zone, and to adapt quickly to new situations.
  • Motivated to be actively involved in the project and the organization. Also, it will be important the disposition to be comfortable working within a LGBT organization, and a previous knowledge of the history, values and current fights of the LGBT collective.
  • Willing to improve social skills such as assertiveness, empathy, communication…
  • Previous knowing of Spanish will be valuated positively.

If you are interested, send us your CV and motivation letter to our email: informacion(a)serviciovoluntarioeuropeo.eu

We’ll wait for your email until 09/04..