The draft Trans and LGTBI Law approved today in the Council of Ministers includes, among other measures, the express recognition of trans migrants as subjects of law.

Trans migrants, in the words of the Minister “will be able to change their documents in Spain if in their country of origin this is not guaranteed”.

The work of Kifkif and the rest of collectives and organizations has been crucial for the achievement of a historical fact in terms of rights of migrant LGTBI people.

After the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Equality has just announced the approval of the draft bill of the “Law for the Real and Effective Equality of Trans People and for the Guarantee of the Rights of LGTBI People”, assuring that before the summer vacations it will start its parliamentary procedure in the Congress.

Among the measures announced and already known, the right to self-determination of gender identity is guaranteed without witnesses, hormone treatment or medical report; the prohibition of conversion therapies; the promotion of equality in workplaces favoring the inclusion of trans people in the labor market; and the rights of trans children, among others.

While awaiting the final text, the draft bill expressly recognizes and makes special mention of trans migrants, who in the words of the Minister “will be able to change their documents in Spain if in their country of origin they are not guaranteed to do so”. This is a great step forward compared to previous drafts.

This measure would not have been possible without the work of LGTBI organizations and collectives. Particularly, Kifkif has been carrying out advocacy actions and campaigns such as #TransMigrantes, with more than 10,000 signatures for its inclusion in this text. Today is a day to feel proud because this measure is going to improve the lives of thousands of people.

Kifkif will continue working throughout the parliamentary process in which we will promote improvements to the articles for the real and effective achievement of a trans law for all.

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#TransMigrantesThe passing in Spain of the draft Trans and LGBTI Law consolidates as a historic step for trans migrants